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Cranked is a magazine for mountain bikers. It is something to savour. Fabulous photography and writing, assiduous design, beautifully printed and delivered to your door, anywhere in the world. We create four issues a year.

Infernal combustion: the #crankedwagen story, part 4

Not being ready for the show in mid February wasn’t an option. The Crankedwagen was our transport, our display, our stand. Without it, we had just a carpet, a back wall and some lights. It had to be finished.

Infernal combustion: the #crankedwagen story, part 3

The crusty mess within inches of the driver’s seatbelt mounting point on the offside front wheel arch was – how to put this? – not encouraging. The remains of double-sided sticky tape under the rubber mat that covered the offending rot suggested the previous owner’s approach had been to hide it from the MOT tester. […]