Remember when mountain bike magazines were worth reading? We do, too. That’s why we set up Cranked…

Meet Seb. Seb left his job in 1996 to take photos of – and write about – riding bikes.

Over the years he’s worked for every UK-based mountain bike mag. The ones that are still around, and plenty that have long since disappeared.

Around 2015, Seb felt that the current crop of magazines just wasn’t doing a very good job. Publishers had been chasing clicks on the internet for a while. It wasn’t working terribly well, but it was also pulling resources away from print.

Magazines were becoming thinner. More product-focussed. The ads were taking over.

Seb felt it didn’t need to be this way. So he sat down and worked out a plan: a way to make a sustainable, high quality print magazine about mountain biking that was better than anything else out there. A magazine worth reading.

Cranked pushes the reset button on print magazines. It’s deliberately different:

  • the highest quality paper, because touch and smell are important too
  • quarterly, so every issue is fresh and relevant and… exciting
  • minimal advertising. If we sell more ad space, we add more pages
  • no product reviews (or route guides, or re-hashed press releases), because you can get that information elsewhere anyway
  • considered, high quality writing and superb photography from some of the best writers and photographers in the business
  • 100% independent, 100% impartial, rider owned

We don’t blame you if you think print magazines have become a bit meh. Many of them have. Cranked is the exception that proves the rule. Give us a try.