Remember when mountain bike magazines were worth reading? We do, too.
That’s why we set up Cranked…
  • the highest quality paper, because touch and smell are important too
  • quarterly, so every issue is fresh and relevant and… exciting
  • minimal advertising. If we sell more ad space, we add more pages
  • no product reviews (or route guides, or re-hashed press releases), because you can get that information elsewhere anyway
  • considered, high quality writing and superb photography from some of the best writers and photographers in the business
  • 100% independent, 100% impartial, rider owned
Meet Seb. Seb left his job in 1996 to take photos of – and write about – riding bikes.

Over the years he’s worked for every UK-based mountain bike mag. The ones that are still around, and plenty that have long since disappeared.

Around 2015, Seb felt that the current crop of magazines just wasn’t doing a very good job. So he sat down and worked out a plan: a way to make a sustainable, high quality print magazine about mountain biking that was better than anything else out there.

No-one can make a print magazine on their own, so Seb approached fellow mountain biker and experienced designer Jonathan ‘Biff’ Bacon to see what he thought of the idea. He didn’t say ‘you’re crazy’ (even if he might’ve been thinking that). In fact, he wanted to talk about paper stock.

The rest is history. Biff, Seb, Tim, Sam, Jonathan and the extended Cranked family have spent the last few years putting inspiring mountain bike-related stories out there for the rest of the world to read.

The team that makes Cranked includes some of the best and most experienced writers, riders and photographers in the bike world. From design to print and distribution, everyone who works to make Cranked what it is has one goal in mind: make it the best mountain bike print mag, period.

We don’t blame you if you think print magazines have become a bit meh. Many of them have. Cranked is the exception that proves the rule. Give us a try.