Cranked Website Terms & Conditions


Subscriptions begin with the next available issue. If you’d like to receive the current issue while you’re waiting, you’ll need to order that separately.

Depending on when you place your subscription order, you may have a wait of up to three months before your first subscription issue arrives. Sorry about that. Making an issue of Cranked takes time. We promise it’ll be worth the wait…

All our subscriptions auto-renew by default. If you don’t want auto-renew, you can turn this off easily at any time after purchase by logging into your Cranked account, or by contacting us.

If you forget to cancel your renewal and let us know within 14 days we’ll be happy to reimburse you. If we’ve sent you a further issue in the meantime, we’ll offer you a pro rata refund.

If your renewal fails because of an expired or declined payment method, we’ll let you know by email. You will have several opportunities to update your payment details. If you fail to do so, your account will be put on hold, but you can reactivate it any time. Should your account be on hold during the period when a new issue is published, and as a consequence you don’t receive it as a current subscriber, you will need to purchase any issue(s) that you missed during this period separately.


We accept PayPal or most major credit and debit cards. Your chosen payment method will be charged when you place your order. If for any reason we’re not able to fulfil your order for your first issue we will refund you.


Please allow a reasonable time for delivery. Covid has had quite an impact on delivery times. In the UK you should received your single issue order within 2-3 days, but we’ve seen delivery times of up to 10 days. For the EU please allow up to three weeks, and for all other destinations please allow up to six weeks.

We always replace copies that never arrive, or that arrive damaged, free of charge. You just need to ask.


We don’t offer them. Seriously, it’s a magazine… it’s not worth the time, trouble or expense.

If for some reason you don’t want you copy of Cranked, perhaps consider passing it on to someone you know who might appreciate it? Otherwise, we support responsible recycling.