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Beta blocked

We’re never happy to see a fellow print bike mag close but, even by the brutal standards of the publishing industry, Beta’s was a crazy short run.
Conceived as a replacement for the long-running Bike mag, which closed a couple of years back, it borrowed very heavily from its forebear’s look, feel and editorial direction (with the benefit of hindsight, perhaps that wasn’t such a smart move). It was never available in print form outside the US although, ironically, that was set to change just days before the suits made their decision.
Anyhow. This seems like a good time to say: Cranked isn’t going anywhere. We’re still 100% print, 100% independent and 100% committed to publishing unique stories about mountain bike people, places, culture and tech.
And no shareholders, CEOs, number crunchers or venture capitalists are going to stop us. So there.

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