Bucking the trend

It escapes the notice of all but the nerdiest of media-watchers (I include myself in this description), but the annual ABC run-down of magazine circulation figures has made grim reading for publishing houses over the past decade or so. But even if you’re not immersed in the minutiae of consumer magazine print publishing, you’re probably aware that print is in decline. The inexorable rise of online content, including video, has seen large numbers of people vote with their wallets and leave mags on the shelf.

The 2019 figures for the UK’s print cycling mags are particularly dire. The best performer saw an 11% dip in circulation; the worst took a 17% hit. And that’s on the back of year-on-year declines, stretching back for most of the past ten years.

There’s a chink of light in the gloom, though. Cranked’s circulation grew 16% over the same period. That’s right – our small, by-riders-for-riders magazine massively out-performed the big guns in a very difficult market.

There are a couple of caveats worth mentioning, of course. First, that figure isn’t audited (the ABC figures are – Cranked is too small to be able to afford an audited circulation). And second, we’re starting from a smaller readership base than the big, established mags.

But still. Don’t let anyone tell you print is dead. Sure, the mainstream mags are struggling. But Cranked isn’t. We’re different and because of that, we’re growing. We’re able to do that because of your support. Thank you.

Seb (founder, publisher, editor and chief bottle-washer)

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