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Bikepackers 2017

This special section will (as soon as we’ve got our semi-colons in gear) present all the riders Joolze photographed at the South Lakes 100 / 200 ride this year and all the views and opinions that the riders gave to us (thank you). Quite a few here. More to come. One ride. Many voices.

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Simon Young

For me the build up to the ride meant reflecting on the lives of others, people who’d used their bikes to connect, share their stories and inspire others, like Jenn, or who encapsulated what it is to be self-reliant, determined and always pushing their limits like Mike Hall.

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Mike Clarke

I think I can say I’ve now cracked the packing issues I first had when I started out. My stuff is so minimal compared to when I did my first trip, I mean I pulled a bob trailer around mid Wales on the Trans-Cambrian Way which wasn’t fun!!

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Andy Wright

The ride could be done as an extended Mountain Marathon… or with the intention of stopping at a certain point… or after an amount of time or distance but keeping to the course… or as a suggestion and modified to suit wishes, or needs…

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