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Down - pedalling salvation

Down: putting something back

In Cranked #6 we did something that few bike mags have done. We published a big feature on mental health and mountain biking: first person accounts from nine riders who’ve struggled with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues…

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Yay! Skids! (not the environmentally-sensitive option, kids)

That’ll do

It’s always easy to complain. For the English it’s practically written into our DNA – genetic glumness, if you will. Our metier is the weather: too hot, too cold, too wet or occasionally too ‘foreign’. The EU debate could turn on some slimy political halfwit decrying the entire European argument by threatening further union would […]

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A bridge, yesterday

Bridge of cries

…after the stuff we’d ridden it offered zero technical difficulty. Which entirely fails to explain why our most accomplished rider chose this time to demonstrate two key tenets of the physical world; potential and kinetic energy…

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Take Control

Back in the day of race-bred hardtails with eyebrow-raising angles, we were always involved in the riding thing – even if much of that involvement was wrenching narrow bars in bug-eyed terror. Now we can sit back and let those modern angles take up the slack…

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