Cranked is 18 (sort of)

Cranked #18 has just gone to print.

That’s a watershed moment in more ways than one. For a start, it means that we’ve equalled Privateer’s run of 18 issues. Cranked is very much its own mag and I’m not keen on direct comparisons, but it’s certainly true to say that Privateer was a significant inspiration – and, also that, without its bold foray into premium quality and pricing, Cranked would probably have had a much harder time establishing itself.

But we’ve outlasted Privateer too, because Cranked has been growing now for over four years (Privateer published six times a year). Cranked has also lasted longer than several mountain bike titles from big publishing houses over the years – MTB Pro, MTB World and Maximum Mountain Bike all come to mind.

So I’m going to give the entire Cranked extended family a well-deserved pat on the back. Because without our subscribers, readers, advertisers and editorial contributors, it simply wouldn’t exist.

We’ll continue to put together the most informative, entertaining and inspirational mag we possibly can (and print it with care on beautiful paper), because that’s the point of Cranked. We aim to make it a considered, thoughtful take on the world of riding bikes off-road; an antidote to screens and chargers and swiping. Put the kettle on, crack open a cold one or substitute your beverage of choice and come with us on a journey…

See you on the trails.


Founder / publisher / editor / tea boy

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