Cranked is three years old…

Blink and you miss it. It doesn’t seem three years since we launched our first issue… but our stock of back issues, ever-expanding list of subscribers and the encroachment of even more grey hairs indicate that it must be so.

When we first mooted the idea of Cranked (mostly to people we knew in the bike industry), there was an air of polite incredulity. No-one actually said we were mad, but then it wasn’t their money that was being put on the line.

Three years on and we like to think we’ve somewhat disproved the notion that no-one buys print any more. Let’s see… our Kickstarter campaign, back in March 2015, reached its funding goal in less than five hours. In 2017 our subscription and individual copy sales together grew 48% (by way of comparison, every single other UK-based cycling print mag lost readers in 2017). At the start of 2018 Cranked is available in 75 WHSmith stores around the UK, as well as a select number of the best independent bike and magazine retailers. We’ll be visiting several shows and events throughout the year with the ever-popular Crankedwagen.

Look, we’re not stopping. OK? We’ll continue to feature the most insightful, thought-provoking and inspirational stories and images around… because that’s what we’re all about.

In Cranked #13 (on sale early May 2018) we’ve devoted the inside front cover double page spread to a shout-out to some of our subscribers and regular readers. There are, um, one or two names there. Thank you all. With your support, Cranked will continue to be the fastest-growing, most sought-after print bike mag around.





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