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Cranked’s final issue – FAQs*

*OK, no-one’s actually asked any of these questions. Yet. But, y’know… in anticipation.


Seb here – Cranked’s founder and editor. I thought y’all might have some questions about our final issue and what happens next…

Why is Cranked closing?

After 8 1/2 years, I feel I’ve done what I set out to do. I wanted to create the best print magazine for mountain bikers that I possibly could, without compromise. I think we – the whole diverse, ever-shifting Cranked team over the years – pretty much did that. It was never perfect, but it never could be.

“Thank you” feels inadequate, but I’d like to say it anyway to everyone who’s ever contributed to Cranked (in any way at all), to everyone who’s ever bought an issue and to every single advertiser. You – all of you – made it possible.

From my point of view, it’s time for a new challenge.

Here’s a couple of things to know:

  1. As of 1 August 2023 we will no longer be selling new subscriptions. Er, for obvious reasons.
  2. The next issue of Cranked (#34) will be on sale mid September as usual, but will not be available in any retail outlets. If you want one (and don’t have an active subscription) you’ll need to buy it online from our web store.
Is Cranked for sale?

If you’re seriously interested and have the experience and means to take it on and develop it, sure. Get in touch! We’ll begin processing subscription refunds in October, so you’ll need to get your skates on if you want an active subscriber base.

What about my subscription?

Starting in October we’ll be refunding every subscriber who pays annually for any issues we haven’t sent since your last renewal, on a pro rata basis. The plan is that no subscriber will be out of pocket.

We won’t be taking any new subscription orders after 1 August and renewal orders won’t go through after mid September, when the new issue goes on sale.

How long will refunds take?

Every refund needs to be processed manually, so it’ll take a while. We’ll begin the process in October. It’ll be all wrapped up before the end of the year. In the meantime, please bear with us.

What about subscribers who pay monthly?

We have a small number of people who pay monthly for their subscriptions. If you’re one of them, you’ll continue to pay until xx September and we’ll send you the final issue as usual. You’re up to date at that point and your subscription won’t renew again.

Why are you still taking subscription renewals?

We’re only taking subscription renewals until the new issue becomes available.

Every time we publish a new issue it goes out to every subscriber who has an active subscription on the date of publication. If we were to cancel all renewals before we publish our final issue, some people would miss out unless they buy that issue separately.

Can I still buy back issues?

Yes. The website will be live and our warehouse team will be processing and shipping orders until at least the end of October (final date tbc).

I don’t want a refund – I’d rather make a donation to charity…

Knock yourself out. To keep the refund admin as simple as we possibly can, we just need to plough through the whole lot. I’m afraid we can’t consider individual requests for refunds to be diverted elsewhere, no matter how good the cause. We’ll leave that up to you…

I have another question?

Cool. To keep things simple, and in case the answer helps someone else, please post your question below this blog post.


Thanks for reading!



50 thoughts on “Cranked’s final issue – FAQs*

  1. Russ says:

    No question only a thank you for the years of brilliant writing, inspiring images and creating something to hold and return to again and again. Looks like I’ll be back to reading the back of the shampoo bottles…… Wish all the success in future

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Thanks Russ. Hopefully you can find something a bit more inspiring that the back of shampoo bottles…

  2. Henry Iddon says:

    You’ve produced a brilliant magazine over the years and should be incredibly proud. I’m hugely honoured to have had my work published in Cranked. Putting your heart and soul in to something takes its toll – and you deserve time to recharge and move on to new projects. Thanks again.

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Thanks Henry – it was always a pleasure publishing your words and pictures!

  3. Phil Clack says:

    That’s a real shame but I understand given how hard the current financial climate is. Thank you for all your efforts. This old mountain biker has enjoyed every word.

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Thanks Phil – good to know you enjoyed it!

  4. Jon Sparks says:

    Well, that was a surprise, but I suppose all good things come to an end, and Cranked has been a very good thing. I’m very proud to have contributed a few times.
    I hope you have other good things lined up, and hope our paths (or trails) cross again before too long.

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Thanks Jon, always a pleasure working with you!

  5. Fred Bell says:

    HI – one question and a big thanks – its been a great mag, always one to look forward to reading and will be sorely missed for quality, considered content and photos; all the best with whatever you do next.

    The question – will the shop stay open for a while yet?
    cheers & all the best

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Hi Fred,
      Thanks for the kind words!
      Yes, the online store will remain open until the end of October at the very least, possibly beyond then (we haven’t decided yet). Back issues, the new issue and merch will all still be available as usual.

  6. Huw Ellis says:

    So I started back in the 90s with Bike magazine and Mountaibike World,both became victims of corporate decisions. Then along came DIRT,what a blast that was until the bean counters pulled the plug. Dirt Rag was fiercely independent but lost out to t’interweb. Now Cranked also…..gutted.
    The link between these mags was great articles,artwork and photography
    I always held out hope for the independent mags so I really hope someone picks up the torch and runs with it.
    This will take a while to process…a very sad day.
    Best wishes to you Seb, and the rest of the crew whatever you decide to get into next.

  7. Rik Legge says:

    Very sorry to hear this but thank you for all the work over the years and good luck for whatever is next. I hope it’s still in the bike industry because cycling needs people like you in it.

  8. Mat Grove says:

    Thanks, it’s been a great read, and brilliant quality.

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Thanks Mat, good to know you enjoyed it!

  9. Pablo montero says:

    I was quite late to the cranked party but thanks and indeed what a shame.

    My question is…..what’s next for the team?

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Thanks Pablo.

      As for what’s next… well, that’s an unfolding adventure that even we’re not quite sure about yet 😉

  10. Kevin YORK says:

    Bloody hell… Massive appreciation to you Seb, and all the contributors. Thank you so much for the efforts and remarkable results. Warm regards from the States.

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Thanks Kevin. We could always sense your enthusiasm across 3000 miles of ocean! 🙂

  11. LukeB says:

    Thanks Seb (and the team) for taking the initial plunge and then producing such a great mag for so long – you’ve not compromised and that’s what’s made it special. Good luck to all of you in the future.

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Thanks Luke!

  12. KevH says:

    As a mountain biker from 1987 when some manufacturers were calling them ATB’s I have read various magazines over the years and this was the best.

    Thank you and wishing you every success in your next endeavour.

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Thanks Kev, that’s high praise indeed. Good to know you enjoyed it!

  13. Mark says:

    As many of the others have said… Not a question. Just a thank you for making such a fantastic mag. I’ve loved it from issue #1. All the best Seb in your next venture.

  14. Mike McDermott says:

    Good luck for the future. What a ride it’s been 👍

  15. Martin Jolly says:

    I Loved receiving CRANKED mag through my door. Top quality and content, no messing. Sad news but needs must, thanks for lending me some snips for my number board at the MALVERNS CLASSIC a few years ago. All the best Seb and crew whatever you all do ✌️

  16. Hannah says:

    Thanks for being out there. I’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve published an article on a topic I’ve been wanting to write about or publish before I could get it into Singletrack! It’s been good to be kept on our toes, and nice to have another voice out there saying Some Things Are Important. Sad to see you go, and hope that others will continue the effort to keep (make?) mountain biking the broad church that it’s capable of being.

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Thanks Hannah. I always thought the two mags complemented each other rather than competed and, like you say, it’s always good to be kept on one’s toes!

  17. John Stevenson says:

    That’s a damn shame, Seb – good luck with whatever’s next!

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Thanks John. It is, but quitting on a high is better than running it into the ground. Seen too many other mags go down that route, and it’s not something I’m willing to do.

  18. Phil says:

    Absolutely gutted. But thank you.

  19. Keith Lilley says:

    it’ll be much missed by me, I might be a latecomer to Cranked but having picked up some issues at airports I decided to take out a sub and love the high quality imagery and features, I enjoy sniffing the mag too, sorry to see it go and good luck with what comes next.

  20. Nath says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. Will miss the thump of it landing on the mat!! Good luck.

  21. David Hill says:

    Ah Seb, it’s a sad day! It’s a tough call to know when to leave a good thing and I think you leave it very much at a high point. It’s been an excellent publication and I still enjoy sitting down with back editions when I have a moment to myself.

    I’d been meaning to throw an article idea at you, but that will have to be filed back in the idea bank.

    Thanks for bucking the trend and keeping print, nice words and great photography alive. All the very best of luck for the next adventure.

  22. Mark says:

    I am beyond gutted. But at the same time understand. Being creative takes energy and sometimes it’s good to quit whilst you’re ahead. Thanks for all you did. I have every copy from #1 and will treasure them.

  23. ChasingTrails says:

    For a long time now I’ve only read 2 MTB magazines, Cranked being one of them.
    Great mag, well worth the money. The only problem I have is that the trips documented don’t come free of charge with the sub..!
    Seriously though one of the best MTB reads ever.

  24. Lee says:

    Great mag and great engagement from Seb at various bike shows.

  25. Really sad news and best of luck to you Seb and all the team in your next chapters. I know from first hand experience how difficult the magazine publishing business is and you produced something incredible with Cranked. 👊

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Thanks John – that means a great deal coming from you. All the best for Sidetracked’s continued success!

  26. Derek says:

    It’s a sad day. I’ll miss CRANKED’s blend of great writing and photos. Each issue brimmed with soul and meaning. The British Columbia articles brought back many fond memories of summers past and the stories closer to home (UK) were inspirational. Thanks for bringing it all together. Best of luck and happy trails.

  27. Toby Wade says:

    Huge congratulations to the whole Cranked team for what has been a whole inspirational publication. I’ve been a relatively new subscriber over the past 2 years, in line with my new found love of mountain biking second time around as a late forty-something.
    Cranked has been a wonderfully unique read, great that you are going out on a high.

  28. Stuart Duncan says:

    I’ve always relished receiving and reading Cranked. There was a personal touch to it missing from other publications. And that was down to you, Seb, so credit where credit’s due. I’ll miss this mag just like Privateer before it. But at least I’ll have 31 issues (3, 5 and 6 still elude me) on my bookshelf to keep me company. Great job, guys. Really.

    1. Biff says:

      Stuart – message me (I’m on the internet) and I’ll see about getting you 3, 5 and 6 …Biff

  29. Will Myles says:

    Sad news, always enjoyed getting slowly lost in each magazine when they arrived. A great inspiration each time and will be missed. All the best with whatever comes next. I’m definitely going to stock up on back issues to keep me going for the next while. I noticed there is a discount code listed for 5 issues or more, is it still meant to be live as it doesn’t appear to be working? It won’t stop me buying back issues if it’s not, might just be able to sneak another one in the basket…

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Hi Will,

      Thanks for the kind words! Also for the reminder about the discount code, which has now been reactivated…

      1. Will Myles says:

        Thanks Seb, best wishes

  30. Biff says:

    All good things and that. Still not as good as The Outcast but best Editor I’ve ever worked with/for. Can forgive you a few widows and dodgy indents! Cut you some slack – solid! <– that would be in bold if I could tweak the html

    1. Seb Rogers says:

      Nothing will ever be as good as The Outcast 😘

      Thanks Biff, for all the graft and passion.

  31. Graham Rollerson says:

    Just had the email saying the subscription had been cancelled so came to look why and saw this.

    Gutted you’re shutting down. The mag has been a real departure from the constant “buy this buy that” of other mags.

    Its been a pleasure to read and I’ll really miss it landing (with a loud THUD) on the doormat.

    all the best for the future.

  32. Ian Smith says:

    Gutted. The only magazine I buy now. But I totally understand why. Thank you for the great reads and memories and all the best for the future. Final issue looks a great one.

  33. Tom Redfern says:

    Can’t believe it… one of the best MTB mags of all-time will be no more. What am I going to do now, that there’ll be no more stories of obscure two-wheeled adventures or thriving Cali XC racing, all backed up with some of the most inspiring photography that’s ever been committed to print? Go back to reading e-bike reviews or viewing images of kids getting ‘gnarly’ in bike parks? I shall miss the smell of the print. I shall miss the feel of the paper between my fingers. But most of all I shall miss the revelation that there’s a two-wheeled world out there way beyond anything I could’ve imagined existed, and it was all brought to me on my kitchen table in a beautiful, inspiring magazine. Thanks for everything, Seb – it’s been wonderful. All the best, Tom.

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