So, what might you want to know?

Does my subscription renew automatically?

Yes. You don’t need to do anything – our system will handle it all for you. If the card you used has expired, you’ll receive an email asking you to log in and enter new payment details, at which point your subscription will continue as normal.

I don’t want my subscription to renew. How do I cancel it?

You can make changes to your subscription – including address changes and cancellations – from your account page, or by emailing us.

When will my magazine arrive?

We ship using first class post in the UK and airmail for overseas. Orders are generally processed the next working day.

Allow 3-10 days in the UK and up to three weeks if you live overseas. If your mag still hasn’t arrived after this time, please let us know!

When will my subscription start?

With the next available issue. Depending on when you place your order, that may mean a wait of up to three months for your first subscription copy to arrive (it’ll be worth the wait, we promise).

If you’d like to receive the current issue as well, you need to make sure you add it to your order.

Can I buy Cranked at my local newsagent / bike shop / book store?

You’ll find Cranked on the shelves in WHSmiths Travel at 75 selected rail / airport locations throughout the UK.

We’re also in various independent bookstores and bike shops, including

  • Magazine Brighton
  • Magelleria, Bath
  • Bad Ass Bikes, Bristol
  • The Trailhead Bicycle Company, Shrewsbury
  • Pedalabikeaway, Forest of Dean
  • Colours May Vary, Leeds
  • Ideas on Paper, Nottingham

Outside the UK, you’ll find Cranked in branches of Easons throughout Ireland and in 184 Barnes & Noble stores in the United States.

I have a complaint / problem / question…

Please email us and include all relevant details so that we can resolve things as quickly as possible. We’re a small company and we can usually put things right quickly, but only if we know there’s a problem in the first place.

Is there a digital edition?

No. Paper and ink is what Cranked is all about. We believe passionately that this is the best way to showcase the efforts of our writers, photographers and illustrators. This may seem like a stubbornly old-fashioned viewpoint, but we’re not too bothered about that.

The printing press has survived the arrival of the telegraph, telephone, radio, TV and – contrary to popular belief – the internet. It’s got legs. Or wheels, depending on your point of view.

Why don’t you update the website more often?

Cranked is all about ink and paper – it’s what we do. So, while we’re happy to add our thoughts to the blog here as and when they occur to us, we’d really prefer to spend our time writing, shooting and planning the stories that fill each issue of Cranked. That, and riding bikes occasionally. Cos, y’know, that’s what we like doing…

I have a shop and I’d like to stock Cranked. Is that possible?

Yes, of course. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help.