So, what might you want to know?

Cranked is printed with a 250gsm cover and 150gsm pages. In other words, it’s heavy. We package each issue in a cardboard envelope because it’s recyclable, and also because it’s the best way of ensuring your copy reaches you in pristine condition. The envelope is a more expensive (and heavier) option than the plastic bag that most publishers use, but we think it’s worth the extra. It all adds up, but we only charge what the shipping costs us.

See the post above. And also: in the past publishers would slash subscription prices in order to attract readers and, ultimately, advertisers. We don’t work like that. Adverts only ever take up a maximum of 15% of Cranked’s pages (usually less than that). It makes for a better mag, we think, but it also means we have to pass on the cost of shipping. Hopefully it’s a fair trade-off.

  • UK:
    Yes. You don’t need to do anything – our system will handle it all for you. If the card you used has expired, you’ll receive an email asking you to log in and enter new payment details, at which point your subscription will continue as normal.
  • Outside the UK:
    If you have a recurring subscription purchased before August 2021, it renews in the same way as a UK subscription (see above).
    If you buy a subscription via our international distributor site, it will run for the number of issues you originally purchased (2, 3 or 4). It won’t automatically renew, so if you’d like to continue you’ll need to buy a new subscrption once you’ve recevied all your copies.

You can make changes to your subscription – including address changes and cancellations – from your account page, or by emailing us.

Orders are usually processed the next working day. Delivery times can still be be affected by the Covid pandemic, but the following is a guide:

  • UK
    We ship using first class post in the UK and you can expect your magazine to arrive in about three working days, but please allow up to ten days before raising a query with us.
  • Outside the UK
    EU/EEA – allow up to three weeks for delivery.
    Rest of the world – allow up to six weeks.

If your magazine hasn’t arrived after these guideline delivery times, please drop us a line and we’ll send you a replacement copy.

With the next available issue. Depending on when you place your order, that may mean a wait of up to three months for your first subscription copy to arrive (it’ll be worth the wait, we promise).

If you’d like to receive the current issue as well, you need to make sure you add it to your order.

No. Paper and ink is what Cranked is all about. We believe passionately that this is the best way to showcase the efforts of our writers, photographers and illustrators. This may seem like a stubbornly old-fashioned viewpoint, but we’re not too bothered about that.

The printing press has survived the arrival of the telegraph, telephone, radio, TV and – contrary to popular belief – the internet. It’s got legs. Or wheels, depending on your point of view.

Cranked is all about ink and paper – it’s what we do. So, while we’re happy to add our thoughts to the blog here as and when they occur to us, we’d really prefer to spend our time writing, shooting and planning the stories that fill each issue of Cranked. That, and riding bikes occasionally. Cos, y’know, that’s what we like doing…

If something’s gone wrong, let us know and we’ll send you a replacement copy. We ALWAYS replace copies that have been lost or damaged in the post.

You can find Cranked in various independent bookstores and bike shops, including

And in London, in the following shops:

Outside the UK, you’ll find Cranked in branches of Easons throughout Ireland and in 184 Barnes & Noble stores in the United States.

Yes, of course. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help.


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