New to Cranked? Here’s what we’re about…

If you’ve only just discovered Cranked, here’s (most of what) you need to know about us:

  • We’re print only. Yep, no 24/7 online updates, clickbait, sick edits or badly reworded press releases. Because… well, you don’t need any more of that stuff. Right?
  • We publish quarterly. Before the internet, a monthly mag was pretty much the only way to keep up with stuff like new kit releases. Now? Not so much. We invite you to slow down, crack open a cold one (or make a brew) and kick back with some immersive story-telling.
  • We don’t do reviews. At all. Or route guides, for that matter. Why? Well, the same reason as the very first point above. We figure you really don’t need any more of that stuff.
  • We care about what we do. No-one at Cranked is getting rich because, as various people have told us over the years, you’d have to be mad to launch a print mag these days (we’ll take that as a compliment). We don’t have owners, shareholders or bosses breathing down our necks or shoehorning the stories we create through a stack of spreadsheets. What that means is we get to ride bikes and tell stories about other people riding bikes. Which is pretty cool, really (and allows us to do things in ways that other mags can’t, because of the aforementioned owners, shareholders and bosses).
  • We’ve grown every year since we launched in 2015. We might be mad, but we’re not crazy. Like you, we still have bills to pay (and bike bits to buy – contrary to popular opinion, being a bike journo isn’t always a means to fill the shed with free schwag). Luckily, lots of people seem to like what we’re doing and have come along for the ride. To all our subscribers, readers and advertisers: thank you. Without you, we couldn’t do this.
  • We write about mountain bike people, places, culture and tech. And we define ‘mountain bike’ pretty loosely. In practice, the only thing we won’t feature is bicycles on paved roads. Whether you’re into trail, cross-country, downhill, bikepacking, cyclocross, gravel, slopestyle, dirt jump, bike park, freeride, enduro or just messing about on bikes, we’ll have covered it.
  • Quality matters. Everything that we do – from commissioning a feature to subbing the words, choosing the images and laying it out in the mag – is done to the very highest standards. For example, when we selected the paper stock for Cranked, we chose it first and then asked the printer how much it would cost (which is how we ended up with a £10 cover price). Our editor is a writer and photographer with over two decades’ experience, and he’s also a perfectionist. We don’t do ‘good enough’. We do the best we possibly can – and we’re always looking to improve.
  • Our subscribers seem to like what we do. Head over to our Facebook page for some unfiltered feedback in the ‘reviews’ section.
  • We offer a money back guarantee to new readers. We reckon Cranked is the best value bike mag out there. And, for new readers, if you don’t agree and let us know within 14 days of receiving your copy, we’ll give you your money back, no more questions asked. Can’t say fairer than that, can we?

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See you on the trails!

Seb, Tim, Jonathan, Sam and the Cranked team.

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