How not to deliver (or ‘don’t be a dick’)

Cranked has readers all over the world. Over the past 18 months of shipping thousands of mags just about everywhere on the map, we can count the instances of damaged mags arriving on readers’ doorsteps on the fingers of one hand.

It’s a pretty good record and testament to the quality of our packaging (something we take great pride in).

However, the other day we were contacted by a reader in the UK whose bundle of three magazines had been left out in the rain, by a drain, by the courier. And that’s not good enough.


On further investigation it transpired that the courier in question is one that has been in the news here lately, for ’employing’ its delivery drivers on a freelance basis and paying them below the legal minimum wage.

At Cranked we have what you might call a loosely framed ethical policy. You could sum it up as ‘don’t be a dick’. So we pay on time, we offer our contributors a fair rate rather than expecting favours or freebies and, wherever possible, we like to deal with companies who treat their staff well and share a similar ‘don’t be a dick’ ethos.

We recently outsourced our order fulfilment to a very good, very experienced company who’ve done a great job getting our mags out on time, intact, to all our readers. For larger parcels they’d chosen the courier in question on the basis of cost. Which is fair enough. But, after we intervened, they’ve agreed to use a courier of our choice with a (much) better record of both customer satisfaction and staff relations.

So now everyone’s happy…

If your copy of Cranked ever turns up damaged, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll replace it for you, free of charge. Just so you know.

2 Responses to How not to deliver (or ‘don’t be a dick’)

  1. Graeme November 17, 2016 at 4:16 pm #

    Good on you.

    They are the favoured couriers for Evans and MyProtein, no doubt because they’re cheap.
    As a result I no longer shop with either of them.

    I’m no tree-hugging hand wringer who’s going to boycott anyone for any little reason but when you’ve got crap service as well as treating “employees” like crap then I won’t spend my money with anyone who utilises your services.

    • Seb Rogers November 17, 2016 at 4:18 pm #

      Thanks Graeme. We feel the same way. It’s not that hard to treat people well and offer a good service. That’s all we’re trying to do, and we expect the people who help us along the way to do the same.

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