An open letter from the editor (spoiler alert: contains discount code)

Dear Cranked Facebook followers, Instagram likers and Twitterers,

From all of us here at Cranked, I’d like to say a big ‘thanks’ for your likes, comments and feedback. It’s all welcome – and who doesn’t like to be liked, after all?

Here’s the thing, though: Cranked isn’t an online, virtual thing at all. It’s a real thing (in much the same way that your bike is a tangible, touchable object).


Ink. Paper. Coffee. Bikes. What could be better (other than actually riding your bike)?


If you like riding your bike and all that goes with it (and I’m guessing that you do), then you’ve not really experienced Cranked unless you’ve held it in your hands, pulled out a cold one from the fridge (or brewed some coffee) and kicked back for a while to remind yourself why ink and paper is, in fact, one of the most amazing technologies ever created (the other one that comes to mind is the wheel, but you already knew that).

I’ll cut to the chase: we’d really like you to try Cranked for yourself. So I’d like to make you an offer that, hopefully, will make that a little easier:

  • until Aug 31st 2016, take 20% off any order with discount code HELLO20. That’s 20% off back issues, the current issue, back issue bundles, or even a subscription. We ship worldwide and all displayed prices include shipping.
  • we’re confident you’ll love Cranked. If for some reason it’s not reached your expectations, simply drop us a line explaining why (feedback is always useful) and we’ll refund any purchase made using the discount code above in full, no further questions asked.

That’s it (if you’re interested, there’s a slightly longer explanation below). Thanks for reading.

See you out on the trails.



The longer version

Still here? Great. Let me explain a bit of the background to the offer above…

Unlike most other bike media outlets these days, Cranked makes no money – zip, nada, zilch – from Internet advertising. Print is what we do, and it’s the only thing we do.

We’ve already defied expectations, in an age where the first question many people asked us was ‘so, where’s the digital version?’ (there isn’t one, in case you were wondering). When we crowdsourced some of our seed funding, we reached our target in just 4 1/2 hours. We made a small profit in our first year of trading (which caused not one, but both of our accountants’ eyebrows to shoot up). Our subscription retention rate is outstanding (translation: subscribers overwhelmingly choose to stay with us when their sub rolls over for renewal). And, at a time when all other print mountain bike mags are in decline, we’re growing.

We’d love you to be a part of what we do.

We think you’ll love Cranked because it’s unlike any other mountain bike mag out there:

  • Heavyweight, matt laminated silk paper for the cover and inside pages – all 132 of them. It feels amazing, smells great (no, really) and does justice to the superb photography that we showcase. Each issue of Cranked weighs in over 600g (or well over a pound, if you’re into that imperial stuff).
  • Unmatched packaging for safe shipping anywhere in the world. We’re proud of Cranked and we want it to arrive at your home as pristine as it left our warehouse. That’s why we use the same cardboard wrappers used by a well-known Internet retailer for shipping books.
  • Exclusive, unique content. You won’t find Cranked’s features anywhere else, period. We commission the best writers, riders and photographers and give them the space they need to bring their stories to life (it’s not unusual for a Cranked feature to run to 20 pages). We cover the angles the other mags and websites don’t have the time or resources to cover.
  • Quarterly production schedule. We rise above the churn of 24/7 ‘news’ updates, race reports and the like to provide an overview of what matters.
  • Capped advertising pagination. Cranked will never be dominated by ads, because we have a strict ads/editorial ratio that’s skewed massively in favour of editorial. And that’s the way it will stay.

We love to hear from our readers (and potential readers). So, if you have a question, a comment or a criticism… just drop us a line. We’ll get right back to you.

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