People power

We get asked a lot what Cranked is about. I guess people have a sense of what bike mags usually are – lots of gear, lots of reviews, more gear, a bit of riding – and assume that’s what we do, too.

Not quite.

If we could sum up Cranked in one word, it’d be “people”. People ride bikes, design bikes, build bikes, race bikes, crash bikes. Above all, people tell stories about all of this, if you take the time to listen to them.

We’ve all got stories about riding bikes. In Cranked, we give people the space to tell the most interesting ones. Story-telling, after all, is as old as humanity.

Bikes are interesting. People are fascinating.

Seb / editor

Top to bottom: Andy Hawkins, Monmouthshire, Nov 2016; Andy Braund, Coed-y-Brenin, March 2017; Isla Rowntree, Ludlow, Sep 2017; Jo Burt, Brighton, Jan 2018; Pete Tomkins, Robin Hood’s Bay, Jan 2019; Guy Kesteven, Harrogate, Nov 2018; Dan Jarvis, London, Mar 2019; Jon Chickens, Brighton, Sep 2016; Ian Leitch, Brighton, Jun 2016; Mike Hall, mid Wales, Sep 2016; Rafi Richardson, Yorkshire, Sep 2018. All photos by Seb Rogers

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