Cranked Issue #11

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Cranked #11 is our eco-friendly, gender-neutral, gravity-questioning issue. From Chile to Dartmoor and everlasting bikes to unsung heroines, we’ve been busy shining a light into some of mountain biking’s neglected corners…

• The Charlie & Joe Show – Back to the future with Kelly and Breeze
• Darker Shade of Green – Stop the planet. I want to get off
• Sick – You don’t have to be mad to work here, but…
• GRLZ – Mountain biking women, unplugged
• Extinction? Evolution – The slow death of downhill

Plus the hidden charms of one of the UK’s most mysterious places, why mountain biking definitely isn’t the new golf, a Chilean monkey puzzle and one woman’s quest to build the world’s most durable bike. It’s unmissable.

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Printed by The Manson Group – the issue: 260x210mm, perfect bound. Cover: 4 pages, 250gsm silk, matt laminated. Contents: 128 pages, 150gsm silk. Coated papers from European mills supporting sustainable forestry. Sheetfed litho offset on Heidelberg Speedmaster XL105 Cutstar using Agfa Azura plates Bound on Heidelberg Eurobinder EB6000. Bike Nerds and Print Geeks in harmony!


Jonathan Bacon, Jo Burt, Larry Cragg, Wende Cragg, Mike Davis, Joolze Dymond, Dan Hearn, Charlie Kelly, Ian Lean, Alex Leigh, Barney Marsh, Ric McLaughlin, Dan Milner, James Murren, James Vincent


Tim Allen, Kate Ball, Cath Bennet, Charlie 'Monger, Joe Breeze, Ally Campbell, Jordan Childs, Katie Clark, Hannah Collingridge, Mike Davi, Alex Freechan, Caroline Goward, Gill Harris, Andrew Hebron, Bryan and Julie Jackson, Charlie Kelly, Isla Rowntree, Katy Simcock

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