Cranked Issue #2

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Here’s a taste of what’s in issue two:

• Chaz Curry – the zen of wrenching (with apologies to Robert Pirsig)
• Wild Wild West – running the gauntlet of Australia’s convict coast
• Keith Bontrager – on Silicon Valley tech vs. bike tech
• Standard Issue – Emperor’s New Clothes or genuine innovation?
• Doorstep Challenge – local rides for local people

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Printed by The Manson Group – the issue: 260x210mm, perfect bound. Cover: 4 pages, 250gsm silk, matt laminated. Contents: 128 pages, 150gsm silk. Coated papers from European mills supporting sustainable forestry. Sheetfed litho offset on Heidelberg Speedmaster XL105 Cutstar using Agfa Azura plates Bound on Heidelberg Eurobinder EB6000. Bike Nerds and Print Geeks in harmony!


Steve Behr, Russell Burton, Keith Bontrager, Jo Burt, Jacob Gibbins, Mick Kirkman, Alex Leigh, Sven Martin, Sam Needham, Isac Paddock, Tom Walwyn, Luke Webber, Tommy Wilkinson, Matt Wragg


Ian Alexander, Cath Bennet, Graham Brown, Mike Conway, Rhodri Jones-Morris, Rob Newton, Oli Pepper, John Riley, Frank Ripper, Brian Roberts, Craig Robertson, John Ross, Mark Slate, Nathan Stephens, Michael Wilkens, Calvin Williams