Cranked Issue #5

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Issue five is full of good stuff – we’ve crammed in more features than ever before:

• Hack Bike Derby – klunker redux, Somerset style: mud, axes, fire and bike geekery
• USE. Me – the British component designer you’ve probably never heard of
• Canada, meh! – trail meccas don’t always deliver
• Confessions of a bike tester – the unvarnished truth
• Wilderness – what is it, why does it matter, and do bikes have a place there?

Plus Unicorn Poo, tidy trails and the importance of remembering where we’ve come from. Oh, and a very obvious typo on the opening spread (Cranked team in ‘we’re human too’ shocker). All of which adds up to essential summer reading, even if we do say so ourselves…

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Printed by The Manson Group – the issue: 260x210mm, perfect bound. Cover: 4 pages, 250gsm silk, matt laminated. Contents: 128 pages, 150gsm silk. Coated papers from European mills supporting sustainable forestry. Sheetfed litho offset on Heidelberg Speedmaster XL105 Cutstar using Agfa Azura plates Bound on Heidelberg Eurobinder EB6000. Bike Nerds and Print Geeks in harmony!


Steve Behr, Jo Burt, Alex Leigh, Tym Manley, Sven Martin, Rick McLaughlin, Dan Milner, Sam Needham, Sandy Plenty, Jon Sparks


Badass Bikes, Adrian Bedford, Cath Bennet, Rosie Bennet, James Blackwell, Ed Brazier, Paul Burford, Gav Buxton, Tony Corke, Andrew Denham, Tom Donhou, Toby Gallagher, Gearchange, Tam Hamilton, Ted James, Nick Larsen, Tom Macphail, Guy Martin, Robin Mather, Doug Powell, John Ross, Timmy Rowan, Roger Sparrow, Matt Stitt, Mark Swift, Phil Taylor

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