Cranked Issue #6

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Issue six is our go-anywhere, do-anything issue:

• Out to Mongolia – here be dragons. And wide open spaces
• DMR – you’re as old as you feel. Might as well jump
• Why not? – 200 miles, 22,000 feet, 15 1/2 hours. But why?
• The value of W – how much is a DH race win really worth?
• Cutting Edge – steely determination to ride

Plus finding solace in pedal pushing, the unseen face of trail maintenance, why frame design hasn’t come as far as you probably think it has, and a whole lot of pontificating on the number ten.

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Printed by The Manson Group – the issue: 260x210mm, perfect bound. Cover: 4 pages, 250gsm silk, matt laminated. Contents: 128 pages, 150gsm silk. Coated papers from European mills supporting sustainable forestry. Sheetfed litho offset on Heidelberg Speedmaster XL105 Cutstar using Agfa Azura plates Bound on Heidelberg Eurobinder EB6000. Bike Nerds and Print Geeks in harmony!


Steve Behr, Jo Burt, Joolze Dymond, Cass Gilbert, Mick Kirkman, Nick Larsen, Alex Leigh, Sven Martin, Ric Mclaughlin, Jean-Paul Rose, Olly Townsend, Andy Whitehouse


Cath Bennet, Keith Bontrager, Chris Chance, Peter Denk, Rory Hitchens, Annie Hughes, Jeff Jones, Ian Leitch, Marin Museum of Bicycling, Damian Mason, Joe Murray, Matt Ryley, Olly Wilkins, Bartek Wolinski, and all the riders who contributed to our 'Down' feature

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