Cranked Issue #9

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Issue #9 is the people issue – over 40 individuals helped us put it together. It’s also got dinosaurs, some big trucks and a whole load of really great riding in it. Because, you know, variety and all that.

• Flow – the path of least resistance. Not necessarily obvious
• Graft – trail centre brains and Braund. Politics and policy
• Vorsprung durch Volk – SRAM’s people-powered German powerhaus
• Last Generation – where have all the riders gone?
• Boomtown – mean and dirty streets. Mountain biking goes urban

Plus solitude and sheepdogs in Georgia’s Caucasus, all out of puff in the pits, the mountain bike refugee… and a bunch more opinion, insight and conjecture. It’s unmissable…

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Printed by The Manson Group – the issue: 260x210mm, perfect bound. Cover: 4 pages, 250gsm silk, matt laminated. Contents: 128 pages, 150gsm silk. Coated papers from European mills supporting sustainable forestry. Sheetfed litho offset on Heidelberg Speedmaster XL105 Cutstar using Agfa Azura plates Bound on Heidelberg Eurobinder EB6000. Bike Nerds and Print Geeks in harmony!


Steve Behr, Jo Burt, Emily Chappell, Eddie Clark, Rickie Cotter, Lee Craigie, Joolze Dymond, John Gibson, Cass Gilbert, Alex Leigh, Zara Mair, Mick Kirkman, Barney Marsh, Ric McLaughlin, John Metcalfe, Dan Milner, Gordon Ritson, Geoff Waugh


Cath Bennet, Keith Bontrager, Adrian Bradley, Henrik Braedt, Andy Braund, Steve Chapman, Andrea Daenekas, Thomas Fella, Sebastian Foerth, Andre Glaeser, Thorsten Hamisch, Chris Hilton, Michael Jakob, Bernhard Johanni, Seb Kemp, Markus Klier, Paul Masson, Christain Polster, Robotbikeco, Frank Schmidt, Uwe Seufert, Sina Solouksaran, Rowan Sorrell, Joachim Stuermer

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