Down: putting something back

In Cranked #6 we did something that few bike mags have done. We published a big feature on mental health and mountain biking: first person accounts from nine riders who’ve struggled with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues and (mostly) found some solace in riding bikes.

Down - pedalling salvation

It was one of a few features that have risked our editor’s fingernails being chewed to the quick. As it turns out, he needn’t have worried. The response was overwhelming – and overwhelmingly positive. Seems we struck a chord. And we’re pleased to have done our (small) bit to bring mental health out of its dark corner; to make it more acceptable to talk about it.

We always pay our contributors at Cranked – it’s one of our founding principles. But, in this case, most of the writers turned down their fees – and asked, instead, that they be donated to mental health charities.

So two of the contributors to this feature collected donations based on the waived fees: one to the mental health charity Mind, and the other to Maytree – a centre specialising in suicide. In total, our writers donated £470.

alex_cheque cranked6_mind_0001-1_1

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