Rich Munro

What type of shelter do you use and why?

Tarp for an easy option to rig up and I get claustrophobic in tents and you never miss a sunrise.

Is your bikepacking specific or is it just your usual bike adapted to go bikepacking. What, if any, adaptions have you done?

Frame was purchased with bikepacking in mind.

Are you a sub 24hr, over 24hr or a multi day tour sort of person?

Multiday is my fave but love a overnighter and cycle to work in the morning.

What gadgets do you take with you? Dynamo/GPS/Gaia/Phone etc

Garmin 810 and phone.

Map or GPS device or both?

Map and GPS.

Navigation: can you work a compass, get your bearings etc?

I carry a compass and can use it (ex Army) but never had to so far.

Do you do rides like the #Jennride often?

Do around three big rides a year like the #jennride.

Do you do other types of riding or just bikepacking?

Got a bike for every off-road discipline.

What is the best bit of bikepacking for you?


What is the worst bit of bikepacking?

Cleaning everything at the end, sheep droppings get every where and ticks! I seem to be a magnet for them.

How long have you been bikepacking for?

Three years.

What appeals to you about bikepacking?

Living in the Lakes I can be on a hill sleeping out within 45 mins.

What is your ultimate trip/destination?

Highland 550 (next year).

What is the essential extra gadget/widget or treat that you have to take with you?

Spare battery for GPS phone

Choice of tyres (size/width/tread) and why you choose these?

27.5 Plus 3.0 tyres for grip and comfort I hate pushing.

Do you change tyres to suit the destination you expect to ride on?


Do you opt for gram counting over comfort? i.e. did you pack the sub 400g wafer light sleeping bag despite it’s gonna be freezing just to save 250g?

Always comfort for me, weight not an issue up to level.

Have you got the art of minimisation down to a fine art or did you pack everything and the kitchen sink?

I’m looking into trying to be a bit more minimalistic but that costs money.

Did you take some creature comforts like coffee, a stove a hip flask etc?

Hip Flask and a tin of tomato soup stashed away.

What are your thoughts on the ride we took the photos at and bikepacking in general?

Jennride was awesome but I would say that, bikepacking is getting more popular but our access laws are from the 1900’s they need to change, leave no trace needs to be drilled into bike packers!

Tell us some interesting facts about you?

Say something interesting about myself? Now that’s hard as I am probably way too dull for most people and talk about beer and bikes far too much. But I came into cycling quite late so I am making up for lost time trying to inspire younger people to get out on bike is going to be key this year and hopefully will be doing something with Lee Craigie in the New Year to run alongside #jennride2018.

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