Sending Cranked to the EU: another update

On 1st July 2021 the EU introduces new VAT and customs rules. We’ve known about these for some time and have been working with our warehouse team at to find a way to ensure our EU readers continue to receive Cranked.

It’s turning out to be more difficult than any of us expected.

The crux of the problem is that, for a small business with a relatively small number of EU customers, the cost of registering for VAT with the EU is prohibitively high. We’ve identified a way round this for single magazine sales, which we’ll be implementing as soon as possible. There may be a short period where we can’t accept EU orders at all. For subscriptions it’s a little more complicated. We hope to have a solution for our existing EU subscribers by the time Cranked #26 is out (mid September). In the meantime, we won’t be accepting any new EU subscriptions for the time being.

So, in summary:

EU single orders: open for the time being, but we’ll stop taking orders around June 18th until we have our workaround solution in place.

new EU subscriptions: we can’t accept new EU subscriptions at this time, but we’re working on it. It may take a little while. Bear with us!

existing EU subscribers: your copy of Cranked #25 is shipping this week and, with a bit of luck, it’ll arrive with you before the new VAT and customs rules come into effect on July 1st. If it’s delayed and you’re asked to pay a handling charge and/or VAT before delivery, please keep a record of that and send it to us: we will refund you. Beyond #25 we’re working on a solution and we’ll be in touch to let you know when we’ve got it all figured out. I’m afraid it won’t be entirely simple and we’ll almost certainly have to ask you to sign up again using a new system. Depending on where you live, there will also be price rises (because up until now you’ve paid 0% VAT on Cranked). We’ll do what we can to minimise these.

Thanks for bearing with us. It’s as frustrating for us as I’m sure it is for you…


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