UK subscriptions price increase

Yeah, I know. No-one wants to read ‘price increase’. Allow me to explain…

Four years ago when I first set up Cranked, we were able to offer UK subscribers free shipping (and everyone else paid shipping rates subsidised by the value of the free UK shipping). The sums added up and it seemed like a fair deal all round.

Fast forward to now, and our UK shipping costs have increased by nearly 50% over that period (overseas costs have increased as well, but not by nearly so much). We’ve absorbed the increase so far by sourcing slightly cheaper (but still very tough) packaging and by finessing other parts of the business. But we can’t absorb it any more without jeopardising our ability to continue to produce the UK’s fastest-growing bike mag.

That’s why we’ll shortly* be increasing the price of a UK subscription, from £39.50 to £44.50. The increased price will restore some of the profitability that’s been eroded by postage price increases, and will help secure the future of the mag. In effect, we’re asking every UK subscriber to contribute a little over £1 towards the cost of getting each mag to their front door. That’s about 1/3 of the actual cost.

The price increase will apply to all UK subscribers at the next renewal date, as well as to new UK subscribers joining the Cranked family.

All subscribers will continue to enjoy these benefits:

  • first to receive each new issue, before they arrive in the shops (UK only)
  • a new subscriber-only discount code that will apply to all Cranked merchandise (details tbc)
  • exclusive subscriber deals and offers

We want to continue to make the best mountain bike print magazine that we possibly can. This difficult decision is part of that process. Thank you for supporting us. As always, if you have any questions about this or any aspect of your subscription or the mag, please drop me a line. I’m always happy to hear from you.


Editor / founder

*when is ‘shortly’? Good question. It’ll likely take us a few weeks to figure out how to roll out the price increase. We’ll email all subscribers at least a week before the increase takes effect. And, don’t forget, it will only apply at your next renewal date…

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