We got some. Because riding bikes isn't just about sick stoke.
Cranked is not a campaigning publication. It has no particular agenda, other than to hold a mirror up to the world of riding bicycles off-road and allow our writers and photographers to tell their stories. To paraphrase something that one of our long-term subscribers once said, “it’s not a fucking religion.”
That said, we do have some values which, very broadly (and crudely) summarised, amount to “don’t be a dick.”



We believe riding bikes off-road should be as fun and, crucially, as inclusive as possible. Don’t see many women, or minority ethnic faces in Cranked? Well spotted. There’s that mirror we were talking about just now. Cycling, as a sport, could do much better at being inclusive. That’s what we think, anyway, and wherever possible we’ll do our bit.

If you’re part of a group that you feel is under-represented in mountain biking, we’d love to hear from you. Seriously. We can only tell your story if we know about it first…


We’re all just talking monkeys on a chunk of rock hurtling through space (we borrowed that from a rider we interviewed a while back). It does seem as though we’ve not been great at looking after the rock, though, and mountain biking isn’t as benign on this front as we perhaps like to think it is.

Neither, for that matter, are print magazines. We get that. So, here’s what we’re doing about that:

  1. Cranked’s HQ and our chosen printing partner both use electricity exclusively from 100% renewable sources. It costs a bit more, but we think it’s a price worth paying.
  2. We contribute every month to a carbon-offsetting organisation. In our first year of contributions we offset over 35 tonnes of CO2 and helped plant more than 500 trees. Greenwashing? We certainly hope not.
  3. We’re still learning, and still looking for ways to sensibly and sustainably reduce our impact.