Why Cranked is different

There’s more information and entertainment out there than ever before. You have a choice, so why would you pick Cranked?

It’s a fair question, and one that we’ve been asked quite a bit. So we thought we’d set out what it is that makes us different from other bike mags out there. Some of these differences are obvious, some of them not so much. But none of them are accidental; together, they help define what our magazine is all about.

1. Print is dead. Long live print

You knew about this one already, right? Print is what we’re all about and, while there are sceptics who can’t understand why we don’t post rehashed press releases and video clips on our website 24/7, that’s OK. Mainstream print has been dumbed down over the past few years. We aim to reset the bar. It’s where we get the #digitaldetox hashtag from.

2. We actually pay our contributors

Why should this bother you, dear reader? Because passionate, informed content is best produced by passionate, informed people. They tend to be freelancers – people who’ve chosen to forego the security of a job so that they can be out there riding, taking pictures, interviewing. These guys still need to eat, so we think it’s important they’re paid a fair rate. Not all mags do this. It shows, in the quality of content.

3. Detail. Quality. Commitment

We’ll be the first to admit that, as humans, we make mistakes. You’ll almost certainly spot the occasional typo here and there, for example. But Getting It Right is what we’re all about, because details matter. Punctuation, grammar, syntax, shadow detail, typographical niceties… they’re all stuff that you shouldn’t notice. Why? Because we already got it right.

4. Last to breaking news

We stole this line from another independent mag, but it’s an important point: we’ve taken a deliberate step back from the onslaught of social meeja, press releases and regurgitated route guides / how-tos / mini-pump group tests. And that gives us the time to do something that’s become a bit unfashionable of late: think. Our stories are different because we have the time and space to do them justice.

So there you go. In many ways it’s all a bit old school, but we like to think of it as a set of tried and tested principles that sometimes get trampled in the stampede to connect with readers faster and cheaper than before. That’s not us, and never will be.

Thanks for reading.

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